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Keeping It Real: What Lies Ahead For AR in 2019

  Apple CEO Tim Cook argued in an 2017 earnings report that augmented reality (AR) is going to “change the way we use technology forever.” Ditto for virtual reality (VR), AR’s technological cousin. Where VR transports the user to another time and place, AR enhances his or her current circumstances. And to Cook’s point, 2019 [...]

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5G Connectivity, and How It Will Affect Us

Soon, the line between online and offline will be blurred. The Internet is spreading beyond computers and smartphones and into daily appliances both at work and at home. By 2025, the “Internet of Things” (IoT) will require most appliances and devices to be run via an online connection. Also by that time, the projected global [...]

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High on CBD Oil Sector and Its Promising Growth Potential

  From my vantage point, mainstream investors have, for the most part, adopted a wait-and-see attitude toward making serious investments in Cannabis companies. I get it.   Given ongoing legalization and regulatory debates at the State and Federal levels, most are leery of taking a deep dive into the space without further clarity on the [...]

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Weeding Out Investment Opportunities in the High-Flying Cannabis Industry

With the recent vote in Oklahoma in late June, 30 states have now legalized the use of medical marijuana; and nine states, plus the District of Columbia, have green-lighted adult recreational use of weed. With residents in Utah and Michigan also set to vote on respective measures to legalize medical and recreational use in November, [...]

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Beyond Blockchain: What is the next big development for DLT?

Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle have warmed to the idea of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Forward-thinking countries like England, Japan and South Korea have given it trial runs. And smart people have celebrated it. They include Tapscott Group CEO Don Tapscott, author of “Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is [...]

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Why My Bet is on the Right Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

As an ardent student of the global financial markets, I’ve remained fascinated by how evolving technology is turning the industry on its proverbial head – particularly due to innovations that have come to market in just the past 10 years. Below is a great infographic published by the World Economic Forum in a 2015 report [...]

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The View From Here

Welcome to my new blog, “From My Vantage Point.”   Aside from the not-so-subtle association with the name of my company Vantage Group, this blog is just that – my thoughts expressed in words “from my vantage point.”  It is here that I intend to share my professional -- and occasionally personal -- opinions, insights [...]

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