Bolstering Institutional Participation in Bitcoin During 2024

Perhaps one of the most crucial drivers of Bitcoin’s evolution has been the increasing engagement of institutional investors. Such activity stands to stimulate the Bitcoin market while dispelling ongoing fears and unfounded stigmas associated with cryptocurrency at large. Now, with a pivotal 2024 on the horizon, the Bitcoin community must continue to foster a culture [...]

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Why El Salvador’s President is Right to Defend Bitcoin

The decision on the part of El Salvador president Nayib Bukele to make Bitcoin legal tender back in September 2021 may have been controversial to some people, both in that nation and the world at large. But in my opinion Bukele was correct to defend Bitcoin, especially during that time. He has recently gone on [...]

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The Challenge of Improving Cryptocurrency User Experience

The tailwinds continue to gather behind cryptocurrencies, propelling the sector forward and scattering it in a thousand different directions. Non-fungible tokens, anyone? What of Web 3.0? And besides its ongoing disruption of the financial space, is it not possible that at some point in the not-too-distant future other nations will follow El Salvador’s lead and [...]

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What’s Next for Ethereum?

The general-purpose blockchain Ethereum turned five on July 30. And while it is certainly doing far more than merely toddling about, there is every expectation that it will find its footing in a number of different sectors in the years ahead. Alternately billed as “the world computer” and “the foundational platform for everything” when it [...]

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