How Smart are Smart Contracts?

Technology is causing business transactions to change their very nature. Automation is making them quicker, more accurate, more secure and with fewer errors. With the help of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, human travel and paper trails are quickly becoming inconveniences of the past. Enter the smart contract. Smart contracts are agreements between [...]

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Is Cannabis the Solution to the Opioid Crisis?

America’s most pressing problems span many political, religious and economic situations. When identifying the cause and solution to these problems, the opioid crisis is often directly connected. It affects people of all backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses and education levels. However, solving it requires more than just addiction treatment. It inevitably means preventing addiction before it even [...]

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How Close Are We to Realizing the Full Potential of Distributed Ledger Technology?

It appears that the only limits on distributed ledger technology (DLT) are those of the imagination. Its use cases, once limited to cryptocurrency, can run from elections to energy, from food safety to online dating. The hysteria over bitcoin appears to have come and gone. That particular crypto was valued at somewhere over $19,000 in [...]

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Livin’ on the Edge: The New Trend in Computing

  What was little more than a heavy metal ballad over a quarter-century ago is fast becoming a hard-and-fast reality today: Where computing is concerned, we are all livin’ on the edge, or about to do so. Edge computing is viewed as an efficient, cost-effective, secure means of data processing that has impacted (or will [...]

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Chatbots are Poised to Become Even Chattier

  “Press one for more options.” “I want to talk to a representative.” “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Press one for more options.” If you desire more human interaction when making phone calls or searching the Internet, the outlook for that is often bleak. Instead, you are prompted to speak with a chatbot, a [...]

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How Distributed Ledger Technology Could Improve Elections

Few will argue that elections in the United States feel more like a circus-like spectacle than a civic obligation for most Americans. Counting controversies with ballots have caused political scandals and media feeding frenzies. Accessing accurate information on candidates and measures often is  overwhelming - or underwhelming in some cases. And, of course, extensive wait [...]

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How DLT Offers Greater Online Security

  When it comes to online security, nothing is foolproof, though Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) like blockchain comes awfully close. Its potential has been realized by two Australian banks, who have already implemented the technology. So too have several Indian states, as well as U.S. defense contractor Lockheed Martin. The increasing popularity of DLT has [...]

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Keeping It Real: What Lies Ahead For AR in 2019

  Apple CEO Tim Cook argued in an 2017 earnings report that augmented reality (AR) is going to “change the way we use technology forever.” Ditto for virtual reality (VR), AR’s technological cousin. Where VR transports the user to another time and place, AR enhances his or her current circumstances. And to Cook’s point, 2019 [...]

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