A Comprehensive Look at Bitcoin Lightning Payments

Bitcoin has risen as a battle-tested entity in the larger cryptocurrency sector, and scalability represents one space in which it has innovated to broaden its adoption and overall recognition. In this vein, Bitcoin lightning payments have been a transformative solution for how we perceive and use cryptocurrency. At their core, Bitcoin lightning payments are a [...]

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What’s Next for Ethereum?

The general-purpose blockchain Ethereum turned five on July 30. And while it is certainly doing far more than merely toddling about, there is every expectation that it will find its footing in a number of different sectors in the years ahead. Alternately billed as “the world computer” and “the foundational platform for everything” when it [...]

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How Distributed Ledger Technology Can Revolutionize Healthcare

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the need for increased innovation into sharper focus, especially in the healthcare field. As the outbreak has spread, so, too, has the realization that things need to be done faster and more efficiently/effectively than before. The result has been advances that bring with them the likelihood of better care and [...]

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