Bolstering Institutional Participation in Bitcoin During 2024

Perhaps one of the most crucial drivers of Bitcoin’s evolution has been the increasing engagement of institutional investors. Such activity stands to stimulate the Bitcoin market while dispelling ongoing fears and unfounded stigmas associated with cryptocurrency at large. Now, with a pivotal 2024 on the horizon, the Bitcoin community must continue to foster a culture [...]

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How Distributed Ledger Technology Can Revolutionize Healthcare

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the need for increased innovation into sharper focus, especially in the healthcare field. As the outbreak has spread, so, too, has the realization that things need to be done faster and more efficiently/effectively than before. The result has been advances that bring with them the likelihood of better care and [...]

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Expanding the Full Potential of Broadband

As noted in a recent issue of The New Yorker, Kentucky’s Jackson and Owsley Counties were already poor, and were set back that much more when fire ravaged a local manufacturing plant in 2005. But a local phone cooperative used stimulus money (not to mention a few mules) to wire every building, giving the area [...]

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