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Founded and led by its CEO Lyle Hauser, Vantage Group Ltd. is a private equity firm and specialized business consultancy focused on serving entrepreneurial, early stage companies operating in high growth industries.

Vantage Group Chairman and CEO Lyle Hauser is big on to-do lists. He compiles one at the beginning of each day, follows it religiously, and always endeavors to stay on task.

Safe it to say that high on his list is furthering his awareness of FinTech, as Lyle Hauser is forever seeking to tap into the latest trends in that ever-evolving world sector. Indeed, tech has become the very backbone of Vantage Group, a private equity firm and specialized business consultancy based in South Florida.

Since founding Vantage Group in 1998, Lyle Hauser has employed an investment strategy geared toward offering capital and capital formation advice to companies in the early phases of their growth, particularly businesses that make a positive impact on the world.

Since beginning his career in finance in 1994, Lyle Hauser has advised and consulted countless companies on capital structure, debt financing, mergers and acquisitions, capital formation and reverse merger transactions.

While Lyle Hauser has made a wide range of investments, his focus these days at Vantage Group is on FinTech, as mentioned. He has particular interest in verticals which include DeFi, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Mobile Payments, the Internet of Things (IoT)/Connected Devices and A.I.

Lyle Hauser views DLT as a game-changer in global finance, something that is only beginning to rise in prominence. He further believes the IoT will over time make its presence felt in every aspect of human life. Cannabis, meanwhile, is rising above its former stigma and showing itself to have abundant therapeutic effects and benefits.

In summary, Lyle Hauser has reached a juncture in his career where he has a firm understanding of the ins and outs of investing, but is invigorated by new developments and new challenges — both of which he has met on a global, national and local scale. Lyle Hauser’s hope is that in doing so he has a far-reaching, positive impact on people and the planet.

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