Welcome to my new blog, “From My Vantage Point.”  

Aside from the not-so-subtle association with the name of my company Vantage Group, this blog is just that – my thoughts expressed in words “from my vantage point.”  It is here that I intend to share my professional — and occasionally personal — opinions, insights and perspectives on market dynamics and other forces affecting how I and many of my friendly co-investors are successfully putting money to work to create and protect long term sustainable wealth.  I am very excited and grateful that you are here and hope that my views and experience can help you to become a better investor.

However, in order to ultimately value my viewpoints, I recognize that it is important that you first understand some fundamental things about me.  Let me take you back.

While growing up, my vantage point on all things was largely shaped by my father.  Though he spent most of his professional life as a senior marketing executive and business owner responsible for developing national advertising campaigns for major pharmaceutical and Fortune 500 companies, my father was at his core an entrepreneur – business-building was rooted in his DNA.  He thrived on thinking outside the box to breathe life into new, cutting-edge ventures, products and service offerings. Watching him work – and watching him think — was both intoxicating and inspiring.

In addition to my strong family values, I have him to thank for instilling in me an unrelenting passion for searching for and discovering opportunities to capitalize on new ideas and innovations that have the power to transform how people work, live and play.  Truth be told, not every “game changing” investment I’ve made over the past 25 years has resulted in huge financial gains. In fact, I’ve lost a small fortune on numerous occasions. But, what I’ve learned from those experiences has helped to make me a much smarter, more astute and successful investor.  

As this blog evolves, I look forward to sharing new investing ideas with you.  From time to time, I may choose to reveal details on specific projects with which I’m involved and why I choose to support them.  Other times, I may just opine on key industry developments that excite me and why they are keeping me awake at night. And, every once in a blue moon, you may find me prattling on about my thoughts on emerging market trends to which I’m paying particularly close attention.   

Irrespective of the topic, please remember that everything I share is from my vantage point and may not coincide with the viewpoints of other market observers.   My goal is simply to give you fresh – and hopefully thoughtful – perspective that aids you in making better investment decisions.